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How to pick office chair

The variety of office chairs today is astounding: different colors, fabrics, mechanisms, children’s, teenager’s, specialized or versatile chairs for the whole family. When choosing an office chair, you should first pay attention to the adjustment tilt mechanisms built into the chair. These may be contact, bridge, synchronous, multiblock and other mechanisms. What do these names mean? What is the difference between them?

A chair with a synchronous mechanism is one of the most comfortable and is best suited for prolonged sitting up to 8 hours. Synchronous mechanism makes it possible to swivel in a chair or lock the required tilt angle in one of the possible positions. The chair can be locked in several (3-5) positions. One of the most important features of the synchronous mechanism is that the seat pan and backrest are not interlocked. When you tilt the backrest, the seat pan reclines synchronously in one direction at a certain ratio (usually 2:1 or 3:1). A chair with such a mechanism is more comfortable and ergonomic as it reduces the load on the spine to a minimum.

The Kėdžių centras experts recommend choosing synchronous chairs for people who prefer tilting back and forth while sitting or who frequently change positions during the working day, as well as for those who prefer fixed sitting.

The multi-block mechanism is used in office chairs where seat and backrest are connected together. The knob enables you to choose rocking motion (seat and backrest move 1:1) or locking the back and seat in any of four positions (most often 4), up to a semi-reclined position, for maximum comfort. Chairs with multi-locking mechanism are recommended for up to 8 hours sitting.