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Warranty service conditions

Quality of UAB Vildika’s goods complies with the standards, technical conditions and requirements applicable in the Republic of Lithuania.

Goods are covered by warranty for the period specified in the VAT invoice.

The validity period of the warranty shall commence from the date of delivery of goods to the Buyer, as specified in the act of acceptance of the goods, or, in the absence thereof, from the date of issue of the VAT invoice.

Warranty shall be granted only upon presentation of the purchase documents: the VAT invoice together with a cashier’s cheque or a cash receipt if the goods were not paid for by bank transfer.

Customers shall deliver the goods for warranty repairs at their own expense.

Keep your purchase documents and do not throw them away until the end of the warranty period!

Terms and conditions of the warranty for chairs:


  • Warranty covers defects in the quality of goods caused by the manufacturer;
  • Warranty applies to all components and fittings of chairs;
  • Natural wear and tear or changes in the characteristics of goods shall not be considered as defect in the quality of goods;
  • Variations in the texture and shade of natural wood shall not be considered a defect in the quality of goods;
  • Goods purchased at different times (i.e. from different production batches) may have different shades. This is not considered a defect in the quality of goods;
  • Warranty does not apply in cases of improper use of goods (direct sunlight, temperature fluctuations, mechanical damage) or damage caused by the Buyer’s intentional or unintentional fault;
  • Warranty does not apply if the goods have been damaged by improper use, storage or transportation;
  • Warranty does not apply to scratches, abrasions, breakages caused by impact or friction, or spillages of corrosive or bleaching liquids on the surface of the goods.
  • Warranty does not apply if the Buyer has not complied with the rules for the use and maintenance of the goods;
  • Warranty does not apply if the customer has reassembled and rebuilt the goods made to individual order on his own, when the goods are intended to be placed in the place where they are intended to be placed and not in another place;
  • Warranty does not apply if the goods have been damaged by improper use, storage or transportation;
  • Warranty does not apply if the goods have been damaged due to “force majeure” circumstances;
  • Warranty does not apply if the goods have been supplemented with parts other than those for which they were intended, or if they have been repaired by the buyer or by third parties;
  • Warranty for goods is not extended after warranty repairs.

When receiving goods:

  • check the contents;
  • inspect the exterior of the goods (fabrics, color, etc.) for visible mechanical damage or other defects;
  • if you find any defects, point them out to the staff who delivered the goods. No claims for unnoticed external damage will be accepted 5 days after signing of the acceptance certificate (or, in the absence of such a certificate, after the invoice issued).

Warranty period for parts covers daily use of 8 working hours. If a chair is used in shifts, warranty period is shortened accordingly:

  • Single shift usage (5 working days for 8 hours each day) / Standard warranty applies
  • Warranty: 2-shift usage (5 working days for 16 hours each day) / Warranty period reduced by 50%
  • Warranty: 3-shift usage (5 working days of 24 hours each) / Warranty period reduced by 67%
  • Warranty: 24/7 chair usage (7 working days for 24 hours each day) / Warranty period reduced by 87%

If you noticed a manufacturing defect that occurred during warranty period, please contact us at remontas@vildika.lt and send a photo of the defective or damaged product, clearly showing the defect, damage or other discrepancy.

Any manufacturing defect, quantitative or qualitative discrepancies in the production of chairs that occur during warranty period shall be corrected, completed or replaced by Vildika UAB at its own expense.

Warranty does not cover natural wear and tear and fading of the product, unevenness in the texture and shade of the natural materials, or maintenance work which has become necessary after the warranty period has begun.
Calling out Seller’s representative for a defect in the product which is not due to the fault of the manufacturer or after expiry of the warranty period shall be charged at the applicable rates.

Regulations for usage and maintenance of chairs

What external factors affect your chairs?

  • LIGHT. Ensure that chairs are not exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, which can affect the shade. Changing and/or adding new chairs at different times may also cause the shade of the upholstery to vary. This difference in color, which will become less vivid after a while, is not a sign of poor furniture quality.
  • TEMPERATURE. Heat or cold is of great importance. In addition, sudden changes in temperature can cause severe damage to chairs or parts of chairs. Recommended storage or operating temperature is between +5 and +35°C.
  • HUMIDITY. Recommended relative humidity in the room in which chairs are placed should be 60 to 70%. Try to keep your chairs out of extremely dry or humid conditions for long periods of time, so that they are not subject to periodic changes. Over time, such environmental factors can damage integrity of chairs or their components.

It is very important to be aware of how climatic conditions of the surrounding environment can affect appearance and quality characteristics of chairs. It is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to one or even several unfavorable factors. These conditions accelerate ageing of lacquer or paint finish, distortion and deformation of wooden chairs and/or wooden finishes, and corrosion of metal parts.

During lifetime of chairs:

  • Use chairs for their intended purpose. Do not jump, climb or stand on chairs;
  • Protect chairs from exposure to liquids (juice, coffee, grease, wine, water, etc.) and chemicals (acids, alkalis, paints, solvents, etc.). After spillage, wipe immediately! Otherwise, color, texture and other physical changes to the wiped area are possible. Water flowers carefully, do not overwater them!
  • Do not push chairs when moving them to another location, but carry them. Protect the room floor!
  • It is important to know that rigid chair castors are for soft flooring (carpet) and rubberized castors are for hard (parquet, laminate, tile) flooring.

Some tips for cleaning chairs:

  • Try to keep surface of chairs dry at all times. It is recommended to clean surface of chair parts with a dry, soft cloth (flannel, plush) and to use only dedicated cleaning products, which you can buy in household chemistry shops. It is recommended to wipe every part of a chair as soon as it has been stained;
  • Do not chemically clean painted metal surfaces. It is advisable to use cleaning products specifically designed for painted metal surfaces or household cleaning products free of abrasive particles and bleaching properties (e.g. washing powder);
  • Take special care to avoid aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, paints, solvents, etc.) on chairs. These compounds are chemically active and can damage the surface and can be hazardous to your health.

These recommendations are based on general experience and should not be taken as the basis for any legal claim.

Calling out Seller’s representative for a product defect that is not due to the fault of the manufacturer or that was revealed after the expiry of the product’s warranty period will be charged in accordance with the Kėdžių centras rates. 

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