• Can an office chair with castors be stable, i.e. with bare legs instead of castors?
  • Yes, most office chairs with castors can be stationary. Almost all office chairs can have the castors replaced by feet to make the office chair stable, i.e. not rolling.
  • What would you recommend – an office chair with fabric upholstery or a chair with natural leather?
  • It’s quite individual, depending on what you prefer. If leather is natural and of high quality, an office chair with natural leather upholstery is certainly preferable to synthetic fabric, but if you are working or sitting on an office chair for a long period of time, it is better to choose a chair with a high quality fabric.
  • What if an office chair scratches the floor?
  • When buying an office chair, you need to pay attention to the castors of the chair. Often these are castors for soft flooring. If a chair is used on hard flooring, it may damage or scratch it over time. Kėdžių centras therefore recommends that you purchase additional rubberized castors for hard flooring (wooden floors, parquet, laminate). We also recommend purchasing a plastic mat under the chair. It is placed under the chair where there is most intense friction between castors and floor. The mat is easily wet cleaned. It is plastic and adheres well to the floor. Dimensions of the floor protection mat: 119 x 78 cm.
  • Why are children’s ergonomic chairs usually without armrests?
  • Experts do not recommend armrests  for children’s chairs because most of the time, the desks at which children sit and work are not height-adjustable, so a chair with armrests makes it difficult for the child to place the chair comfortably against the desk. Also, studies show that children hardly use armrests.
  • What is the average weight an office chair is applicable for?
  • As a standard, all office chairs are designed for a maximum human weight of 110-120 kg. However, there are special office chairs for people weighing more. These chairs are usually specifically marked by manufacturers to indicate maximum weight. These types of chairs are made with dedicated mechanisms, much sturdier castors and a more robust chair structure.
  • What is the best chair fabric for sitting or working for long periods of time?
  • When choosing a chair, attention should be paid to the wear of the chair fabric, which is determined by Martindale’s fabric abrasion (wear) tests. Manufacturers usually indicate the number of friction cycles for each fabric category. The optimum number of friction cycles should be at least 30000-40000 cycles. However, for longer periods of work or intensive use of a chair, it is advisable to have a Martindale number of 50 000 cycles or more.
  • What if the back of a chair is no longer suitable?
  • You need to remove the plastic cover of the screw and tighten the specified nut, which is highlighted in blue (about half a turn of the screw). The plastic screw cover needs to be put back on after that.
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