Goods return guarantee

Return of quality goods

UAB Vildika offers a 14-day return guarantee. You can return the goods within 14 days from the date of purchase by personal delivery to the company’s warehouse (Pakalnės g. 10, Bezdonys, LT-15201 Vilnius r., Lithuania) or by courier to the specified address, paying the cost of transportation.

  • You have the right to open the package and see if you are satisfied with the goods.
  • Money return guarantee does not apply to special products made/ordered to specific dimensions.
  • Goods must be unused, unassembled, in their original packaging and must keep original look.
  • Furniture and metal shelving that are of good quality, that have been assembled or attempted to be assembled, cannot be returned.
  • If the product has been collected or assembled, up to 70% of the purchase price can be returned, after assessing and taking into account condition of the product (Lukšio str. 18, Vilnius, Lithuania). Goods must be undamaged. For evaluation, contact in advance – email or written)
  • Gift certificate is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

When returning unused goods – you must provide a free form letter (email or written), stating the reason for the return. Within 5 working days from the date of return, UAB Vildika will refund the money paid for the goods by transfer to the account specified by the customer.

Return process

When returning goods, please remember that you are responsible for the quality of the delivery. We recommend that you pack the goods in their original packaging to avoid damage during the return process. If necessary, use additional protection measures to protect the goods. All instructions, accessories and parts received at the time of purchase must be returned with the returned goods. The Buyer shall bear the cost of delivery and return of the goods.

If you have any questions please contact our consultants

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